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Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA), Total Well-Being, Recognition, and Community. Espresa scales to meet all of life’s moments, plus.  

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The people power is in the platform.

Case Study with Procore’s Director of Global Benefits, Jennifer Stamm

Discover how construction management software company, Procore Launched Espresa Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA) to meet the needs of their global workforce.

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Case Study with Airbnb’s Head of Global Benefits & Well-Being, Tracy Desmond

Learn how Airbnb implemented Espresa Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA) to provide inclusive benefits for all employees everywhere.

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Case Study with Nielsen’s VP, Global Benefits & Mobility, Tom Moran

Discover how Nielsen partnered with Espresa to further enhance its employee culture and inclusivity by utilizing Lifestyle Spending Accounts.

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Testimonial with Avalara’s Director of Global Benefits, Tabitha Mondragon

Discover how Tabitha built a one-of-a-kind HR program to provide freedom of choice and consistent employee experiences across multiple countries with Espresa.

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Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA): The Fully Customizable, Launch Anytime Benefit

Join Sequoia VP of Well-Being & Partnerships Kaleana Quibell and Espresa CEO Alex Shubat as they discuss LSAs, the ultimate and inclusive benefit employers can provide their employees off-cycle and any time of year.

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Webinar on Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA): The Launch Anytime Benefit Discover immediate and actionable ways to support employers in giving their people the freedom to choose with inclusive Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA). The fully customizable, launch anytime and off-cycle benefit.

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freedom of choice for human resources and employees

Inclusive for everyone, everywhere.

Get modern and unified employee benefits made for life, including Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA), well-being, rewards and recognition, and employee resource groups and communities. Plus, globally engage employees wherever their work-life lives. Espresa’s purpose-built and mobile-first platform supports everyone from the office to hybrid and WFH environments.

Making heroes out of HR teams. Because Espresa is modularly designed, HR can choose a stand-alone or bundled and integrated solution to meet employee engagement and company goals. And with Espresa, businesses can minimize point solutions while aligning the entire HR ecosystem and EX.

Culture cohesion, meet your personal benefits tech.

Screenshot of the Espresa Lifestyle Spending Account marketplace on a mobile phone and Apple watch and an example of an Espresa debit card.
Espresa Life Home

01 LSA Plus

Redefining traditional workplace benefits has revolutionized personal benefits with Espresa LSA Plus, modularly designed and designed for global enterprise. Including incentivized wallets, challenges, and a fully integrated and zero-markup marketplace, LSA Plus is an evolution from a one-size-fits-all benefits approach to an individually focused and progressive solution. 

And with LSA Plus, HR can consolidate budgets and point solutions and deliver integrated total well-being, recognition, and community.

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02 Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA)

Turbocharge personalized benefits and deliver on your culture EQ. With Espresa LSAs, inclusivity is designed directly into Espresa’s mobile-first platform. Delivering for HR and employees alike, Espresa is globally inclusive – by country, native language, and currency, and supported in local time zones.

And with LSAs from Espresa, HR and finance teams can get away from antiquated reimbursements and into modern and infinitely flexible LSAs that people love. 

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03 Well-Being & Challenges

Electrify employee well-being and create consistent engagement with unlimited challenges and events management built in. Espresa’s employee total well-being platform is mobile- and global-first, including integrated wellness partners that enable biometric screening, physical and mental wellness, wellness coaching, and more.

With access to cinema-grade well-being content, employees can immerse themselves anywhere they are.

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04 Rewards & Recognition

Supercharge your superstars with rewards and recognition from Espresa. Empower your employees to recognize and socialize achievements in meaningful, timely, and memorable ways. Plus, with a mobile-first employee experience, Espresa supports all classic recognition moments, including social, spot, birthdays, work anniversaries, life moments, and team achievements.

Finally, HR will enjoy flexible approval flows and an integrated global marketplace for rewards fulfillment.

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05 Communities & Events

Engage and connect your people virtually, in person, or in hybrid environments while creating a rich culture of inclusivity and belonging. With communities and events from Espresa, you can celebrate your workplace values, mission, and vision while building a solid foundation of employee engagement.

Plus, HR can access and design social pages, manage events, track attendance, and view engagement analytics in real-time.

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With a community of HR juggernauts, Espresa designs and builds the evolution of the next in HR tech.

Employee experience is in the driver’s seat, and Espresa’s full-featured platform delivers. Including industry-leading benchmarks to help guide your plan design, Espresa sets HR and your employees up for personalized engagement and success.

When you empower your people, everyone wins.

Disrupting culture for good.

Espresa was designed from the ground up for people, by people, and for our clients and their specific needs. As your strategic HR partner, our expert team supports HR and the employee experience end-to-end and with innovation built in.

Engage all of your people wherever they are

  • Energize your employees through innovative in-platform scheduling, promotions, and announcements
  • Connect everyone across your organization, whether onsite or distributed, including your vendors

People champions now come with full transparency

  • See what is being used and what’s not, and reallocate budgets and resources in real-time
  • Provide robust reporting with Espresa’s products to show how HR is transforming employee experience with exceptional reporting and instant analytics

Automate everything that can be automated

  • Design, manage, schedule, and scale all employee experience programs on a single platform
  • Capture real-time employee feedback and data

Bring your providers, use ours, combine them all on Espresa

  • Access pre-vetted, nationwide, and globally reviewed vendors – remote and touchless, celebrated
  • Use our platform for vendor management for one single view of everything HR

Your competitive advantage is your people. Happy people make more successful companies. Be the company where happiness happens. No matter where your people are.

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