Read on, or just watch this 2 minute video to get started:


1. Complete your account creation

Look for a welcome email with “Notification of Registration” in the subject line.

Follow the instructions to set your password and download the Espresa mobile app for Apple or Android. You will have access to both the Company Administrator role and the regular Company Employee role.

2. Add other employees

Switch to your Company Administrator role and tap on Employees → Add. You can do this now or later at any time. Check here for more ways to add employees.

Participate in Challenges and Programs

Join the challenge on the mobile app by tapping ‘My Challenges’

Track your steps automatically by connecting your phone, Fitbit, or other compatible fitness trackers on the app by tapping ‘Challenges’ at the bottom → ‘Data Sources’ and follow prompts

Bonus! Like yoga? Check out ‘What’s on This Week’ and sign up for free virtual yoga twice per week!

We appreciate your remaining engaged, mindful, and safe during this time! We are all better together, even while we are together apart.

Need additional support? Contact us at We’re happy to help you get started!