Adding employees manually:

Go to  (on Menu bar) > Click

When entering employees manually, fill out the required information. If your employee is Front Desk, Company Administrator, or Service Administrator click  (bottom of page) and choose a role.


When adding a front desk employee, make sure to enter your front desk location in the ‘Service location’ field. Choose the location that you set as your front desk in ‘Service locations’.

When finished, click 

Importing employees:

Go to Employees on Menu bar> Click IMPORT> Click Download template

To import employees via an excel sheet, click IMPORT in the upper right corner of the page. Download the template, fill out the required data and save the file on your desktop.

To upload the template: Click BROWSE> find and select the file> click UPLOAD 

If an employee’s information is entered incorrectly, they will not be added to the system. For existing employees in the system, the data entered into the template will override the data in the system.