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Espresa allows us the flexibility to offer attractive non-traditional benefits that are viewed by job candidates and employees as a key differentiator among employers.

Sharawn Connors, VP of Total Rewards and Diversity at Flex

Espresa Demo | Powering Great Workplaces®

Learn how Espresa’s platform delivers powerful tools for enterprise personal benefits. In this quick demo, you’ll learn how companies can launch programs, including Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA), Total Well-Being, Recognition, and Community – all on a single unified platform.

Webinar on Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA): Benchmark and Trends

Explore a comprehensive and insightful look at our LSA Benchmark and Trends Report. Discover the growing adoption of LSAs as a tool for enhancing employee engagement. Watch the video and read the full transcript.

Webinar on Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA): The Launch Anytime Benefit

Discover immediate and actionable ways to support employers in giving their people the freedom to choose with inclusive Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA). The fully customizable, launch anytime and off-cycle benefit. Watch the video and read the full transcript.

Customer happiness scores

Espresa is a customer experience platform first, including administrative leaders who are working with the technology daily, to the employee experience. Leading with a consumer-driven development philosophy, Espresa’s mission revolves around wowing the people interfacing with our platform daily. Including low attrition rates of our own, we pride ourselves on keeping our employees as well as our clients.

Espresa makes heroes out of HR teams. That’s why HR leaders take Espresa with them wherever they go.

Now that’s a culture boost HR can brag about.


customer retention

Low customer attrition rates

customer satisfaction

High happiness scores (CSAT)

more engagement annually on average

Employee engagement


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We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients. That’s why a good portion of them have taken Espresa with them when they’ve moved to other companies.


Members of Espresa’s community are all striving for the same thing: Making work-life awesome so that life-life is even more fulfilling. Meet with your Espresa consultant to discover more.

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