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Electrify employee well-being with unlimited challenges, wellness communities, including live and on-demand

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Employees expect typical health benefits, but adding a well-being program from Espresa packs more punch than any other platform on the market. With LSAs, earned allowances, and challenges added, they've proven their well-being app delivers on what employees love to engage with.

Nancy Vitale, CPO, Omada Health

Source: Global Happiness Council, 2019 Global Happiness and Wellbeing Report

U.S.A. increase in employee productivity with an effective wellbeing program
The average increase in engagement with Espresa’s Culture Benefits™ platform

Channeling happy and healthy in a single app

Espresa’s employee wellbeing and fitness platform empowers, engages, and rewards employees for healthy behavior wherever they are. Plus, HR teams can connect employee reimbursements and allowance management within Espresa’s robust platform – all in a single connective experience.

Engage in an experience that employees love. Espresa’s design, both online and mobile for Apple and Android, removes administrative burdens from HR with a complete solution that radically increases employee engagement, loyalty, and tenure.

And with multilayered and real-time analytics, HR can take action on what’s popular, what’s not, and transparently report to leadership on the effectiveness of your employee wellbeing program.

Healthy, happy, and more engaged employees.

When you offer ways for your employees to be healthy, they become more engaged at work, with great business outcomes. Employee wellbeing is increasingly the center of many human resource and benefits initiatives. Increasing employee engagement in health, fitness, and mindfulness activities at work boosts overall workplace wellbeing while simultaneously and positively impacting your bottom line.

Engage people wherever they are. Onsite. Offsite. Virtually.

Espresa created the best employee wellbeing and fitness platform to express the kind of workplace culture that is unique to your brand. Have multiple offices or campuses? Have a large global presence and a growing distributed workforce? Espresa created an experience that takes care of your entire workforce, regardless of where they are. And we’ve vetted the very best vendors in their category. Companies like Classpass, Zeamo, Livekick, Volt, CoachHD – and onsite classes like yoga, massage, Zumba, Pilates, meditation, and TRX Training.

Bonus? If you have a vendor that you love, you can bring them with you. We’ll plug them into your Espresa experience, so you get all of the benefits of Espresa with the vendors you love.

Powerful Benefits

Benefits for every body

Engage people wherever they are with on- and offsite wellbeing experiences that offer one-click sign-ups and registration

Device connected and agnostic

Enjoy Apple Watch, FitBit, Android fitness (and more) device-integration, tracking wellbeing and fitness activities

Administration in minutes

HR teams can check out 360-degree, real-time analytics, and dashboards so you can make decisions on budgets and popularity of wellbeing and fitness programs

Connect healthy behavior, socially

Develop a holistic wellbeing and fitness program that engages in mindfulness, physical health, nutrition, financial fitness, and employee communities


Individualize and communicate

Create team-, company-, and global challenges and individualize the experience for each employee, regardless of location

Espresa's Return on Culture™ products

Get the only total wellbeing and fitness platform that delivers a clear Culture Benefits platform for your organization, with actionable insights that HR can act on

Be the place where healthy happens.

Every company has its own unique cultural DNA. The question is whether it’s a company culture that employees identify with and participate in during their workday and beyond.

Espresa has created a total wellbeing and Culture Benefits® platform that leads with people and culture first.

The best platform to for exceptional employee experiences

  • Sign up and register with one click
  • Integrate Espresa with your Google or Outlook calendar
  • Tag favorite classes and events
  • Search by campus, class, or event
  • Personalize your homepage
  • Use company wallet or personal payment
  • Get immediate experience feedback online and in-app

Making heroes out of human resources

  • Set up services in five minutes, by campus, employee type, currency, and subsidy levels
  • Set class and event attendance capacity
  • Automatically prevent booking abuse
  • Announce and promote services in under 10 minutes
  • Quickly create marketing and promotional pages
  • Get 360-degree, real-time analytics and reporting to empower in-the-moment decision making while delivering transparency to leadership

Your competitive advantage is your people. Happy people make more successful companies. Be the company where happiness happens.

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