As part of their initiative to connect people-driven thought leaders, Transform invited Espresa CEO Alex Shubat to join Kaleana Quibell, Sequoia Vice-President of Wellbeing & Partnerships, to discuss Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSAs).

Espresa specializes in LSAs, providing companies a flexible and comprehensive way to enhance employee well-being and engagement on a global scale. By automating the administration process, Espresa makes it easy for employers to customize and launch an LSA program anytime.

In this discovery session, Kaleana and Alex discuss:

  • How an LSA compares to traditional employee benefits
  • Strategies for customizing an LSA based on employees’ individual needs
  • Espresa’s LSA Plus solution, an earned allowance or incentive-based LSA that offers a more comprehensive and engaging benefit program

Watch their discussion to discover immediate and actionable ways to give your employees freedom of choice with LSAs, regardless of geographical location.

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