Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA)

Espresa Lifestyle Spending Account (LSA) and LSA Plus™: The off-cycle employee benefit that is made for everyone

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LSAs are the modern engagement vehicle, flexibly and creatively meeting people where they are. They're an empathetic and monetary vehicle that directly speaks to your culture, mission, vision, and values.

Susan Lovegren, Fortune 500 Chief People Officer

LSAs drive high employee participation, LSA Plus drives even more engagement. Source: Industry data and Espresa client data

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Flexible employee benefits matter more than ever

Attracting and retaining top talent is front and center for employers and HR teams. Especially in the age of working from anywhere, employers must offer more than compensation and a traditional benefits package to meet the evolving expectations of employees. To stay competitive, you must also provide lifestyle benefits and wellness programs that cater to the needs of a diverse workforce.

Espresa’s Lifestyle Spending Account and LSA Plus™ platform delivers employee benefits that promote total well-being through freedom of choice.

A Lifestyle Spending Account is an employer-funded account that enables employees to apply post- or pre-tax dollars toward the benefits they love most. At the same time, HR teams can consolidate budgets, integrate multiple point solutions, and engage and delight employees – all while positively impacting business outcomes.

Plus, Espresa is the world’s first and only Lifestyle Spending Account platform that seamlessly delivers flexible benefits in all languages and currencies.

Espresa Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA)

Eligible expenses for Lifestyle Spending Accounts

Lifestyle Spending Accounts offer a uniquely flexible and personalized approach to employee benefits. Employees can spend their LSA funds on a broad range of eligible expenses that matter most to them based on their individual needs. These are some typical expense categories for an LSA:

  • Physical health and wellness – Gym memberships, yoga classes, fitness equipment, workout apps, nutritional supplements, fitness classes
  • Emotional wellness expenses – Meditation apps, mindfulness classes, online talk therapy
  • Home office equipment for remote employees  – Ergonomics such as standing desks and treadmill desks
  • Family Care – Childcare, fertility, reproductive health, gender-affirming care, adoption support, kids activities, pet care
  • Financial well-being services – Student loans, financial planning, retirement planning
  • Commuter benefits –  Public transportation passes, bike, car, and rideshare
  • Education and tuition – Continuing education courses, tuition reimbursements, professional development workshops
  • Consolidation of wellness budgets – Espresa LSA Plus™ enables employer contributions to employee Lifestyle Spending Accounts via wellness incentives, earned allowances, wellness challenges, community participation, and charity

Go beyond traditional benefits. Attract and retain talent by expanding your employee benefits package to include Lifestyle Spending Accounts. With the flexible plan options of an LSA, Human Resources now has complete transparency with finance teams while having the autonomy not to be a one-size-fits-all program.

Integrated marketplace and employee freedom

With Espresa’s Lifestyle Spending Account and LSA Plus™, you empower employees to choose where they shop, how they spend their LSA funds, and even how they pay. Maximize employee engagement regardless of global location by providing employees access to our integrated marketplace.

Unlike other benefits platform providers, Espresa has zero markups and passes on the savings directly to you. Plus, we support all payment options, including paycheck reimbursements, direct deposit, and debit cards. Freedom of choice is made real.

Eliminate administrative burden for HR and finance simultaneously

Companies are currently seeking how to reshuffle budgets to meet employee expectations, which have only shifted into a demand for more personalized lifestyle benefits and wellness programs. With employee experience in the driver’s seat, Espresa’s LSA Plus™ delivers. Including industry-leading benchmarks to help guide plan design, Espresa sets up HR teams and employees for personalized engagement and success.

Bottom line: Espresa Lifestyle Spending Accounts deliver on all dimensions of employee total well-being with industry-leading participation.


Powerful Benefits

Globally inclusive

Support for all currencies, time zones, and languages. Plus, you have a tenured Customer Success Team to help employees and HR teams 24 hours per day, 5 days per week, and in local time zones.

Transparent communication

Integrated messaging and message history — no spreadsheet required! All adjudication is transparent with in-platform messaging between employers and employees, with the entire chain visible to all.

Built-in marketplace

Access our global employee marketplace, featuring thousands of items and services at a discount with zero markups – or integrate your own onto your Espresa platform.


HRIS integrations

Skip manual processes and integrate them with your HRIS for eligibility and census files and payroll processing automation.

Truth in transparency

Access a 360-degree feedback loop and real-time analytics, so HR teams know what's working and what's not, including employee benefits program participation, budget usage per campus, per region, and with usage globally.

Effortless and streamlined

No more logistical hell. Espresa’s Lifestyle Spending Account platform improves your organizational well-being while making your remote employees feel loved and included.

And, Espresa streamlines everything. With mobile and online receipt uploads, employees can communicate with their approvers, while your HR team has real-time transparency and reporting for payroll and finance teams. If you don’t have time for approvals, outsource it to our adjudication experts at Espresa.

When companies offer a Lifestyle Spending Account that limits employees’ out-of-pocket expenses and positively impacts their well-being, everyone wins.

Get a modern solution that eliminates administrative burdens.

  • Consolidate multiple point solutions and budgets for benefits into a single solution
  • Design limitless LSA wallets for employee well-being, continuing education courses, gym memberships, and much more
  • Increase participation and employee engagement at scale
  • Connect your well-being and recognition incentives, including points and challenges, with LSA Plus™
  • Unify your people with communities integrated with events management

Your competitive advantage is your people. Happy people make more successful companies. Engage your people wherever they are with Espresa.

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