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Espresa allows us the flexibility to offer attractive non-traditional benefits that are viewed by job candidates and employees as a key differentiator among employers.

Sharawn Connors, VP of Total Rewards and Diversity at Flex

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Proofpoint, Espresa’s 2021 winner for Culture Innovation and Excellence, went onto the virtual stage at HeroForum 2021 to discuss the cultivation of workplace resilience with an emphasis on mental wellbeing. In this event, Global Program Manager, Talya Williams, and Espresa CEO, Dr. Alex Shubat talk about how Proofpoint is using Espresa to help transform culture in an ongoing global pandemic in a global company, and with the continuing rise of the great resignation.


Espresa client partner, SugarCRM is a privately-held and global company with over 500 employees on six continents, in 120 countries, and with seven global offices. As a veteran Espresa client, I had the opportunity to interview rising star, Amber Reed on the quick pivot changes SugarCRM made during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they used the Espresa platform to turn on new benefits to support their global workforce.

Watch and read the full 30-minute interview with Amber Reed

Aurora Public Schools

Espresa client, Aurora Public Schools is comprised of 65 schools in total, including K-12, a vocational and technical college, and a talented and gifted school. Including around 40,000 students, the Aurora Public Schools system was directly hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, in advance of that, they had replaced their wellbeing platform with Espresa.

Watch and read the full 17-minute interview with Rachel Phillips

Partners for Wellbeing

In the age of COVID-19 and civil unrest, Nancy Vitale, Co-Founder + Managing Partner at Partners for Wellbeing and former CHRO for Genentech, shares her expertise on the state of the world in the workplace. With focus on diversity and inclusion, mental wellbeing, and community, Nancy works with some of the world’s largest firms to advise them on building strong and inclusive cultures. Check out our video and Q+A with HR luminary, Nancy Vitale.

Read the full interview and transcript with Nancy Vitale

Xceed Financial Credit Union

When you’re an essential business with traditional brick and mortar locations, COVID delivers next-level challenges. We spoke with Kelly Ritchey-Davoren, CPO of Xceed Financial Credit Union about her experience and the solutions she pivoted to to keep her employees safe and her culture engaged and intact. Check out our video interview and full Q+A of my conversation with Kelly.
Read the full interview transcript with Kelly


Discover how Espresa’s platform is delivering non-traditional benefits that amplify employee experience on a single unified platform. Susan Lovegren, HR luminary and former Chief People Officer of Juniper Networks, Medallia, and AppDynamics talks about how technology helps human resources make impactful, real-time decisions while creating inclusive moments that matter.

Read the full transcript of our interview with Susan

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Espresa is a customer experience platform first, including administrative leaders who are working with the technology daily, to the employee experience. Leading with a consumer-driven development philosophy, Espresa’s mission revolves around wowing the people interfacing with our platform daily. Including low attrition rates of our own, we pride ourselves on keeping our employees as well as our clients.

Espresa makes heroes out of HR teams. That’s why HR leaders take Espresa with them wherever they go.

Now that’s a culture boost HR can brag about.


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The best customer service I have ever experienced. You should be the example of all other customer success groups.

John A. , ServiceNow

I appreciate the super fast service and great communication!

Sharon T. , Nationwide

Always amazing, fast, informative, and prompt support - thank you!

Terri H. , Ancestry

Received a fairly complex fix in a matter of hours. Thank you!

Zoe P. , Pinterest

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We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients. That’s why a good portion of them have taken Espresa with them when they’ve moved to other companies.


Members of Espresa’s community are all striving for the same thing: Making work-life awesome so that life-life is even more fulfilling.

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