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LSAs are the modern engagement vehicle, flexibly and creatively meeting people where they are. They're an empathetic and monetary vehicle that directly speaks to your culture, mission, vision, and values.

Susan Lovegren, Fortune 500 Chief People Officer

Thought Leadership in Action

Webinar on Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA): The Launch Anytime Benefit

Discover immediate and actionable ways to support employers in giving their people the freedom to choose with inclusive Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA). The fully customizable, launch anytime and off-cycle benefit. Watch the video and read the full transcript.

Webinar on Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA): Benchmark and Trends

Explore a comprehensive and insightful look at our LSA Benchmark and Trends Report. Discover the growing adoption of LSAs as a tool for enhancing employee engagement. Watch the video and read the full transcript.

Creating Employee Experience at Scale

Susan Lovegren, HR luminary and former Fortune 500 Chief People Officer and former CPO for Juniper Networks, Medallia, and AppDynamics talks about how HR technology helps human resources make impactful, real-time decisions while creating inclusive moments that matter. Watch the video and read the full transcript.

7 Minutes of Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA) and How They Work

Quick-hit learning session – RVP of Strategic Alliances, Dan Weinstein talks about how LSAs work, and how they can positively impact your employees globally, and inclusively. Watch the video.

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