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Supercharge your superstars with the world’s best employee rewards and recognition program, only from Espresa

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Employees want to feel valued for their hard work, especially when going the extra mile on the job. Being recognized and rewarded in front of peers enhances that sense of appreciation and validates their contribution to the company.

Gaby Toledano, COO, Keystone Management and Former CHRO, Tesla, EA

Source: Gallup, 2018 Annual Revenue versus Total Lost Productivity


Loyalty lives on Culture Street.

Employers as a whole lose money through lost workplace productivity based on employees’ checking out.

In 2018, this figure was a staggering $550,000,000,000 (yes, that’s billions). That’s nearly as much as Facebook’s, Microsoft’s, Amazon’s, and Apple’s combined annual revenue.

Espresa Recognition + Rewards

Create a rich culture of gratitude with Espresa rewards and recognition.

Espresa is the world’s best employee rewards and recognition program that empowers HR and benefits teams to engage employees with timely, micro-expressions of consistent appreciation. And it’s not top-down – Espresa promotes a culture of inclusion and employee engagement in your organization, regardless of location, language, time zone, or currency.

Including peer-to-peer, cross-organization, monetary, and non-monetary rewards, Espresa’s rewards and recognition platform drives more fulfilled, happy, and engaged workplace cultures. Plus, you can design and implement programs in minutes. Plus, Espresa has a mobile app for Apple and Android so rewards and recognition is available no matter where employees are at.

Powerful Benefits


Shine a spotlight

Connect as many employee recognition opportunities to workplace culture as possible, in real time – socially, and globally

The multiplier effect

Boost employee retention and morale, and reduce your cost per hire by as much as 50%


Rewards at your fingertips

Access over 200 popular vendors for gift cards, branded merchandise, and personalized experiences, and bring your favorites to Espresa

Wherever people are, we are

Get the best and fully customizable online and mobile experience for HR teams and employees

See engagement in real-time

360-degree analytics and reporting empower HR decision-making while delivering transparency to leadership

Espresa's Return on Culture™ products

Get the only rewards and recognition program that delivers a clear Culture Benefits platform for your organization, with actionable insights for HR

Celebrate the good, more often.

With Espresa, we’ve reverse-engineered employee happiness, meeting people where they’re at – from campus to home office, on a global scale.

Employee recognition that works does not live in silos. And no good deed should go uncelebrated. This is now the culture of small and big wins (and everything in between). It’s time to start expressing that contributions of all kinds matter.

We’ve done that by giving HR and benefits teams an employee rewards and recognition platform that removes the HR administrative burden while delivering a simple experience that enables quick and frequent celebrations of great work in real time.

Unlike other rewards and recognition programs, Espresa offers a completely unified experience that people love:

  • Peer-to-peer recognition and leaderboards
  • Personalized experiences
  • Customized recognitions
  • Gamification with digital recognition badges
  • Meaningful equity-based awards
  • Scheduled celebrations
  • Access to select and quality-verified experience partners

With Espresa, HR and benefits teams can:

  • Design and implement employee rewards and recognition programs in minutes
  • Drive meaningful and inclusive workplace culture with social engagement
  • Enable your people to celebrate one another with micro-gestures of gratitude
  • Customize budgets and workflows per department and team
  • Access over 200 popular vendors offering gift cards, branded merchandise, and experiences
  • Visualize employee rewards and recognition in a single leaderboard

Your competitive advantage is your people. Happy people make more successful companies. Be the company where happiness happens.

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