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Humanity is strained and pivoting - the world of human resources has become agile out of necessity. Red tape has gone in favor of taking care of people. Espresa is that platform and springboard to remove barriers to employee engagement and community.

Alex Shubat, CEO, Espresa


Espresa Announces Okta as Culture Benefits® Innovation and Excellence Award Winner

Espresa, Inc. announced this year's Culture Benefits® Award for Innovation and Excellence winner is Okta, Inc., the leading independent identity provider, for its proactive and extraordinary employee experience strategy during the ongoing global COVID pandemic.

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PRNewswire - November 2021

Espresa and Les Mills Partner to Deliver Scientifically Proven Wellness Programs to Every Employee, On-Demand

Innovative Culture Benefits® platform provider Espresa partners with leading global fitness on-demand provider, Les Mills to deliver fitness and mindfulness on-demand solutions in multiple languages to assist in maintaining employee wellbeing while attracting and retaining talent.

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PRNewswire - August 2021

Espresa® Introduces Flexible Global Reimbursement Platform to Support the Multi-Generational Workplace

Espresa announces its new global reimbursement and lifestyle spending account (LSAs) platform delivering flexibility, and freedom to choose to meet the needs of a multi-generational workplace. According to Espresa's client research, its new reimbursement program is achieving an increase of 98 percent adoption with employees now being able to direct their allocated allowance to meet their immediate or future needs, whether it is participating in an LSA or accessing 401k matching contributions.

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Forbes - November 2020

14 Ways To Ensure Employees Are Making The Most Of Company Benefits

The Forbes Human Resources Council brought in their top experts to discuss the employee benefits landscape and the best practices to raise employee awareness of company perks. Utilization, reporting, and 360 degree feedback loops are the next normal.

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PRNewswire - September 2020

Proofpoint Wins Espresa Award for Culture Benefits® Innovation and Excellence

Espresa, Inc. announced the Culture Benefits® Award for Innovation and Excellence to Proofpoint, Inc. (NASDAQ: PFPT), a leading cybersecurity company, for its proactive and extraordinary human resources strategy during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Peer 150 - July 2020

Engage your people where they are: rebooting culture benefits in the new normal

Now is the time to show your people what your culture is made of. Engage employees in unique and gamified ways of using technology as your HR superpower. Today, you can create moments that matter in meaningful ways that directly impact employee wellbeing - and in time and truly personal ways.

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HR Executive - June 2020

3 ways HR can support culture through the ‘new normal’

Human Resources departments have long gotten a bad rap. After talent acquisition handles an employee’s initial hiring and on-boarding, it’s likely most interactions with our department are about things like employee issues, annual healthcare enrollment and dreaded performance reviews. Even worse, it’s commonly recognized that if an HR representative is present, someone’s job is probably at risk. Now more than ever, the challenges facing HR practitioners are deep and complex.

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HR Gazette - May 2020

The Role of ERGs and Gamification in Encouraging Employees to Adopt Benefits Technologies w/ Raghavan Menon

In this HRchat interview, Raghavan Menon, CTO, Head of Product and Co-Founder at Espresa, discusses how gamification and employee resource groups can help businesses better engage with their employees. Listen to the show and discover: how gamification can encourage employees to connect with company goals.

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HR Gazette - April 2020

Helping HR Make the Business Case for Employee Benefits Programs w/ Raghavan Menon

In this HRchat interview, Bill Banham is joined by Raghavan Menon, CTO, Head of Product and Co-Founder at Espresa, the culture benefits platform based in the Bay Area. Raghavan is an entrepreneur with two decades of startup and management expertise. Most recently, Raghavan was Co-Founder at Odysee, acquired by Google, and before that at Ingot Systems, acquired by Virage logic. He also holds 11 patents.

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HR Gazette - January 2020

Brand, Culture and HR Tech w/ Sylvia Flores

In this episode of the HRchat show, we hear from Sylvia Flores, Head of Brand and Culture at Espresa, a firm helping to define and ignite the HR tech space to disrupt culture for good. Sylvia is a creative entrepreneur with a passion for the written word and people. With two decades in marketing and advertising, Sylvia has worked with a broad range of companies, including Intel, Microsoft, IGN Entertainment, Activision, Blizzard, Walmart and Apple.

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HR Gazette - November 2019

Designing and Measuring Workplace Employee Programs w/ Alex Shubat

In this episode of the HRchat show, we hear from Alex Shubat, CEO and co-founder at Espresa, a firm helping to define and ignite the HR tech space to disrupt culture for good. Prior to co-founding Espresa, he served as the CEO of Goji FS, an NEA-backed startup in the food-tech space. As co-founder and CEO of Virage Logic, a semiconductor provider based in Silicon Valley, he oversaw the company’s highly successful performance and acquisition by Synopsys.

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HR Technologist - March 2019

Espresa Introduces Fitness-in-a-Box Solution for Employers

Espresa’s Fitness in a Box package delivers turnkey onsite wellness programs to companies looking to make the most out of their wellness budgets. Instead of the tedious manual process HR and benefits, teams have previously faced, Espresa’s Fitness in a Box package offers employers a simple solution.

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Employee Benefit News - March 2019

New benefit gives employers access to ‘Fitness in a Box’

Espresa this month released a new benefits package dubbed Fitness in a Box, which combines the startup’s employee programs automation platform with a pre-qualified fitness and wellness provider network. In short? It aims to make it easier for employers to provide diversified wellness benefits to their employees.

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PRWeb - February 2019

Espresa Launches New ‘Fitness in a Box’ Package

The new package combines Espresa’s employee programs automation platform with a pre-qualified, premiere fitness and wellness provider network. Fitness in a Box will allow human resources (HR) and benefits teams to easily ramp up new health and wellness initiatives in as little as two weeks — and without any of the tedious manual processes typical to managing them.

Learn More - January 2019

Workforce predictions for 2019 - the year of employee experience

2018 has been a challenging year for HR, with unemployment at the lowest rate in almost a half century. Not only are HR managers dealing with dauntingly low numbers of qualified candidates, but they also have to respond to current employees who are leveraging the job market to their own advantage.

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HR Technologist - December 2018

Espresa Announces the Addition of Reward and Recognition Module to Its Employee Programs Automation Platform

The rewards and recognition module is just the latest addition to an employee programs automation platform built from the ground up to keep employees aware of all the great benefits being offered by their employer and provide a consistently amazing employee experience regardless of the employee’s physical work location.

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HRTech Cube - December 2018

Espresa Launches Modern Rewards and Recognition Module

“Paperwork and tedious processes shouldn’t be a roadblock to employee recognition,” said Espresa CEO Alex Shubat. “We wanted to create a modern, intuitive user interface that would make it easier for organizations to recognize and reward their employees in meaningful ways."

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StreetInsider - December 2018

Espresa Launches Modern Rewards and Recognition Module

Employees today are searching for personalized experiences and meaningful recognitions from both managers and colleagues--Espresa supports that philosophy by empowering clients with the tools to collect employee feedback, and make updates real-time regardless of their monetary value.

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HR Technologist - November 2018

How to Design the Right Employee Resource Group for Every Generation

Happy, satisfied employees are more productive, more engaged and more creative. People also are less likely to leave an organization if they feel tied to the community around them, and Employee Resource Groups create that sense of belonging within a company.

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HRTech Cube - October 2018

Espresa Launches Reimbursement Allowances Administration

Companies hoping to attract and retain top talent understand that wellness programs are a strategic priority: a majority of companies on Fortune’s 2018 list of 100 best companies to work for offer reimbursements for activities that promote well-being, and recent data show that two-thirds of employees would like to see them in their workplace.

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HR Technologist - October 2018

How to Improve Employee Engagement through Reimbursement Programs

Reimbursement programs allow organizations to give back to their employees for participating in self-initiated activities that enhance their well-being. Unlike traditional business expense reimbursements for things like corporate travel and client entertainment, HR-driven reimbursements cover activities like fitness, health, and continuing education.

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BusinessWire - October 2018

Espresa Launches Reimbursement Allowances Administration

Espresa, the company that powers great workplaces, today announced the addition of a new reimbursement allowances feature to its employee programs automation platform. The new feature will allow human resources(HR) and benefits teams to more effectively manage reimbursement allowances, driving engagement across campuses and difficult to reach remote employees.

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HR Technologist - July 2018

Espresa Introduces New Platform to Help Companies Organize, Manage and Scale Employee Resources Groups and Clubs

Espresa's new ERG management feature will allow benefits teams to manage ERGs on the same automated platform that manages all of their other workplace programs, providing them with an unprecedented level of insight into the groups that exist, employee group discovery and signup, attendance tracking, and employee satisfaction with them.

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HR Daily Advisor - July 2018

Gaining Traction with Employee Resource Groups

One of the biggest trends in HR today is the development of employee resource groups (ERGs). ERGs give employees the opportunity to share their passions and talents with their coworkers. Typically, they’re created based on similar demographic characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. They can also be set up around shared goals and interests.

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Thrive Global - June 2018

Alex Shubat Shares Leadership Strategies To Improve Your Company’s Culture

Alex Shubat is the CEO and Co-founder of Espresa, and a member of the Band of Angels, one of Silicon Valley’s oldest seed funding organizations. Alex brings an extensive history in executive management and venture funding to his leadership of Espresa.

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Employee Benefit Advisor - May 2018

Get the party started: Platform administers workplace events

Employers can automate, organize, promote and scale workplace programs or events thanks to a new platform by Espresa. The program amasses an employers’ information on employee attendance and experiences to lay the groundwork for strategic consultations with brokers and advisers.

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Argyle Journal - April 2018

Espresa CEO Explores What It Takes to Build a Successful Employee Engagement Program

Today’s businesses are constantly searching for innovative ways to drive employee satisfaction and retention. Now, workplace programs are proving to be mutually beneficial for businesses and their employees.

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TechSeen - April 2018

Espresa's cloud platform to improve work-life balance

Claiming to be the first of its kind, this platform aims to enable the employees to maintain a balance between work and life in order to increase the productivity. Espresa will be offering and managing the services such as car repairs, dry cleaning, massage, and wellness classes through a simple mobile app or web interface.

Learn More - October 2016

Espresa Hopes to Bring Google-like Employee Perks to Every Company

Perks have become commonplace for well-known employers in Silicon Valley, but smaller companies are challenged to offer such benefits because of a lack of resources. Espresa sees this as a tremendous opportunity to help smaller companies, and eventually companies everywhere to offer Valley-like entitlements.

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TechCrunch - August 2016

Espresa wants to help companies pamper their employees

With tech giants like Facebook and Google making a big deal about the benefits they offer, delivering and managing perks is a key part of any company’s strategy to attract talent now — and this is where Espresa comes into the picture. The Palo Alto-based startup developed an online platform that allows companies to provide workplace services for employees.

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Wall Street Journal - August 2016

Espresa Launches Facebook-like Perks Service

Now your San Francisco Bay Area Company can offer-on-demand massages. That is the promise of Espresa, which has launched an employee services app for companies to offer the same kinds of perks as the likes of Facebook and Google.

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