June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month, a time for organizations globally to celebrate their diverse employees and vibrant communities. This month offers companies a chance to showcase ongoing efforts toward inclusion and allyship, ensuring every employee feels valued and empowered. Companies focused on cultural authenticity don’t just launch a Pride campaign—they champion these values year-round through meaningful initiatives.

Pride Month honors the Stonewall uprising in June of 1969 that helped launch the gay rights movement. It recognizes the historical struggle and marginalization of the LGBTQ+ community and celebrates its people. Acknowledging the positive impact of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities highlights the importance of embracing an inclusive community.

Modern workplaces are evolving. According to a 2023 Gallup survey, each younger generation is about twice as likely as the generation that preceded it to identify as LGBTQ+. More than one in five Gen Z adults identify as LGBTQ+, as do nearly one in 10 Millennials. The percentage drops to less than 5% of Generation X, 2% of Baby Boomers, and 1% of the Silent Generation. Future-focused leaders understand they must evolve workplaces to serve the unique needs of their people. 

In this article, we’ll explore ways to celebrate Pride Month at work and highlight why consistency and intentionality are key to true support. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Creating a welcoming, equitable, and safe place for all

More important than Pride Month celebrations is building trust between your organization and the LGBTQ+ community. This long-term commitment is far more than a check-the-box initiative. Experts say companies must consistently show up during Pride and beyond to establish connections and support. 

According to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index, 62% of employers acknowledge that actions speak louder than policies. To foster an inclusive environment, workplaces must prioritize investment in organizational competency programs. Examples include nondiscrimination policies and training, equitable benefits for LGBTQ+ workers and their families, and support for an inclusive culture through corporate and social responsibility. 

First, organizations must create a sense of employee safety and belonging through company-directed policies. Your people must know they will be accepted as their whole selves at work. A robust, human-first culture strategy celebrates what makes employees individually special. 

Next, companies must take consistent and meaningful actions to indicate true support for the broader queer community. Equity and safety extend beyond your organization into local and global communities. Advocate for equal rights publicly, support queer-owned businesses, and champion LGBTQ+ leadership in your industry. A Pride statement your organization releases or signs before Pride Month can help affirm your commitment. 

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Enhancing visibility and allyship in the workplace

Visibility is critical to underrepresented communities, including LGBTQ+ people. Merely incorporating Pride colors and symbols isn’t enough to turn the tide of equity. Encourage your leaders and team members to embody a culture of acceptance and share messages or amplify relevant content that aligns with your mission, vision, and values. 

Showcasing love, support, and acceptance creates a more inclusive environment and solidifies an ongoing dedication to equality. These visible efforts prove your organization’s commitment to building a thoughtful, safe space for everyone at work. 

“We can’t stop now. We’ve made strides, sure, but we have to keep pushing. It’s about holding ourselves accountable, asking, ‘How can we do better?’ It’s not just about diversity in hiring; it’s about integrating equality into everything we do. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it for a better world.” 

Celebrating Pride Month

You can promote and celebrate Pride Month no matter where your team works. People teams can amplify LGBTQ+ voices and drive positive change by sharing educational content that sparks curiosity and fosters understanding. Partner with external organizations for workshops or discussions to build bridges and create a more inclusive workplace.

Bring inclusion to the forefront with tangible internal initiatives to promote Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that empower employees and invest in DEI and allyship training programs. Companies have the power to create workplaces where everyone feels valued and welcome.

True commitment to the LGBTQ+ community requires ongoing action. While celebrating Pride Month is a meaningful gesture, lasting allyship requires ongoing action and a commitment to long-term inclusion and policies.

9 tips to promote Pride Month inclusion

Pride Month activities involve learning, celebrating, and building connections. They should be accessible to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s important to empower choice during Pride Month observations and ensure that you promote mental health inclusion for all your people, no matter how they engage with celebrations.  

Recognize and reward participation to enhance the Pride Month experience for all employees. Reward engagement in various activities, such as attending events, sharing messages, and volunteering. Incentivize team involvement in Pride activities to foster community and shared celebration.

1. Launch a visibility campaign

Make Pride loud and proud!  Show your support with awesome Pride stickers and pins for everyone. Level up with DEI training to champion inclusion. And support employees as they earn advocacy badges by completing allyship training. There are many ways to showcase your organization’s commitment to being visible supporters of Pride in the office and beyond.

2. Feature LGBTQ+ leaders 

Shine a light on LGBTQ+ trailblazers. Organize a showcase or speaker series featuring historical figures, industry leaders, and even some amazing colleagues from within your company. At a meet-and-greet, learn from their stories, get inspired, and build connections. This isn’t just about awareness; it’s about celebrating diversity and building a stronger, more connected community.

3. Encourage story sharing  

Support LGBTQ+ artists at poetry readings or story slams. Your people may even be inspired to showcase their talents! A roundtable event allows employees to share their stories or listen to Voices of Pride in a supportive space and discuss their reflections.   

4. Attend or volunteer at a Pride event 

Encourage employers to march together in a local Pride Parade and celebrate inclusion in style. Whether you make special t-shirts or showcase rainbow pride, your corporate crew will dance, cheer, and create lasting memories together. It’s a fantastic opportunity for your people to get involved and meet others. And if your community does not hold a Pride parade, advocate for one!

5. Sponsor a fundraising event 

Give back by hosting a fun and impactful fundraiser for an LGBTQ+ organization your employees can champion. Consider local LGBTQ+ centers supporting youth or national organizations fighting for equality, like The Trevor Project or GLAAD. Organize a silent auction, themed bake sale, casual dress-down day with a donation fee, or talent show—anything that raises proceeds for a cause your people care about. 

6. Host a watch party 

Invite employees to screen classic or contemporary movies or television series celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. The offerings can be as unique as your people, from romance (Heart Stopper) to comedy (Everything Everywhere All at Once and Booksmart) to true crime (Under the Bridge). They can be viewed in person or virtually, followed by a discussion, and companies can elevate the celebration by inviting employees to enjoy themed snacks and mocktails.

7. Hold a trivia night

Unleash Pride trivia prowess! Employee teams can wow each other with knowledge of LGBTQ+ history, icons, and pop culture. Bragging rights await the top team, but everyone’s a winner with fun rewards, a killer playlist, delicious refreshments, and a chance to show off the most creative team name. Make it a night of friendly competition, learning, laughter, and celebration.

8. Find a concert, drag show, or play 

Celebrate amazing singers, dancers, and actors during Pride Month. Looking for family fun? Join local Drag story hours – perfect for all ages. Encourage your people to get creative and team up to build the ultimate LGBTQ+ artist playlists so your organization can share the top picks and celebrate diverse tastes.

9. Create a book club 

Dive into a world of stories celebrating identity, love, and community with a vibrant LGBTQ+ book club. It’s a fun and enriching way to connect with colleagues, spark conversations, and celebrate Pride in a whole new way!

Creating authenticity beyond “the rainbow”

True commitment to the LGBTQ+ community requires ongoing action. While celebrating Pride Month is a meaningful gesture, lasting allyship requires ongoing action and a commitment to long-term inclusion and policies. 

Adopting an inclusive culture year-round is critical to avoid rainbow washing and performative support. Sharawn Tipton, Chief People Officer with LiveRamp, insists: “We can’t stop now. We’ve made strides, sure, but we have to keep pushing. It’s about holding ourselves accountable, asking, ‘How can we do better?’ It’s not just about diversity in hiring; it’s about integrating equality into everything we do. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it for a better world.” 

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By making identity and inclusion central to your organization’s mission and vision, you demonstrate a lasting commitment to creating workplaces where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to thrive. 

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