In 2020, Espresa awarded Proofpoint with its first Global Espresa Culture Benefits® Award for Innovation and Excellence, in response to the amazing work they exhibited in supporting employee total wellbeing, community, and recognition. During a historically devastating pandemic, our clients were, and continue to be determined to maintain business continuity by leading with compassion and people-first.

In 2021, we continued to see steadfast determination on behalf of our clients to create truly meaningful employee experiences in this next normal. Espresa reviewed all our clients and mapped their innovation to employee engagement – not just hard and fast statistics, but also the more nuanced and emotional aspects. We discussed these companies with our client success teams, executive leadership, and the individuals at these companies with who we interact daily. Proofpoint, for its second year in a row, created the culture blueprint for others to follow.

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We also looked specifically for companies who share Espresa’s core values through actionable results that equate to more galvanized cultures:

  1. Wonder: We are curious adventurers and empaths seeking to solve the problems that collectively divide us.
  2. Individuality: We are staunch believers in observing and celebrating the unique and diverse people that drive great ideas forward.
  3. Trust: We believe that transparency and integrity lead us as a company and as individuals.
  4. Humanity: We are better together because of our diversity, our differences, and our collective EQ.
  5. Future: We mindfully approach today, while paving the way towards thriving and happy cultures.
  6. Evolution: We realize that the answers we have today, may not be those that lead us tomorrow – and we’re comfortable with that because we are the change-makers and mindful risk-takers.

In 2021, two companies kept rising to the top of the list. In partnership with these companies, we’ve found an evolutionary path to learn and grow together with the common goal of placing people at the core of our work. We also extended this award to individual contributors both in our client companies and within Espresa. No amazing and innovative deed need go unnoticed.

As our Espresa Culture Benefits® community continues to grow, we look to exemplify our core values, while extending compassion and heart to the HR communities we serve.


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