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Employee Resource Groups bond employees, break down silos, and encourage engagement. Today’s companies now expand the scope of traditional ERGs such as diversity and inclusion to include employee communities like intramural sports, wine Thursdays, and travel groups.

Doug Inamine, CHRO and Senior VP at Coupang

Source: Gallup Three Requirements of a Diverse and Inclusive Culture, 2019

Average revenue increase for companies reporting above-average team inclusivity and diversity
Better than average company profits with inclusive and diverse executive leadership

Give employees a strong sense of community at work.

Encouraging employees to share the things that make them unique, along with the things they love – and together with their peers – is a robust culture strategy. It says, “we celebrate what makes you, you!”

And this sense of workplace community needs to be promoted, embraced, and participated in by the highest levels of leadership.

Traditional Employee Resource Groups (ERG) are inefficient, impossible to track, and burdensome for busy HR and benefits teams. And there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each program is as unique as the ERG participants themselves.

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Where is the love? Here.

A diverse and inclusive workplace simultaneously improves employee engagement and happiness – all while demonstrating to the world that your company is a place where people come to thrive.

People more than ever need and want a sense of belonging. In this increasingly global and multi-generational workforce, there are more unique perspectives and contributions to observe and celebrate than ever before.

Gain loyalty by delivering the platform for it. Be the culture magnet.

Espresa created the best ERG platform to meaningfully connect people in ways they love while supporting HR teams with everything you need to simplify the process. Most importantly, Espresa-powered ERGs were designed to promote workplace diversity and inclusion, regardless of location, including distributed employees.

Connect online. Connect via Espresa’s mobile app. Schedule ERG events and meetups. Now, HR teams have full transparency of official and unofficial ERGs. They can assign the budget for activities, and track attendance and excitement around individual groups that perhaps should move to an officially supported status.

Bonus? Espresa offers an experience that employees and HR teams both will love.

Powerful Benefits


Designed for inclusion

Enable easy sign-up online no matter where your employees are, connect them in real-time

The power of social

Add events, resources, and other Employee Resource Groups, both official and unofficial, and enjoy social multimedia communications, posts, and notifications

Empowering people teams

Get 360-degree and multilayered analytics with detailed reporting for transparency with HR and leadership teams


Peer-to-peer connections

Give employees the power to create their own Employee Resource Groups alongside common corporate-sponsored ones, such as Women Leaders, Veterans, New Parents, LGBTQ+, African American Leaders, Latino and Latina Pride, and more

Get global

Organize your Employee Resource Groups with regional chapters, while reaching specific groups across the globe in any language


Espresa's Return on Culture™ products

Get the only Employee Resource Group platform that delivers a clear Culture Benefits platform for your organization, with actionable insights that HR can act on

Bottom-up your culture.

Espresa delivers an engaging way to connect with a Culture Benefits® platform that human resources, administrators, and members love – and that meets them wherever they are.

It’s about life and work integration. And life should happen in both.

Espresa believes in leading with people and culture first for the immediate and long-lasting impact that individuals bring to an organization. When you bottom-up your culture, amazing and tangible things happen.

Powerful for people. Positive for business outcomes.

  • Real-time membership and administration
  • Communication lists per group and per location
  • Management of ERG and community administrators and owners
  • Detailed analytics on event participation and popularity
  • Budgeting management for both formal and informal ERGs
  • A totally customizable experience for HR and employees

Your competitive advantage is your people. Happy people make more successful companies. Be that place where belonging and community happens.

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