Transform invited Espresa CEO Alex Shubat to speak with Sequoia VP, Wellbeing & Partnerships Kaleana Quibell to discuss Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSA): the ultimate and inclusive benefit employers can provide their employees off-cycle and any time of year. Wherever your employees are, create a customized LSA to meet their needs and values while aligning with your company’s mission and vision.

LSAs are the only global benefit that can offer inclusive equalization of reimbursements regardless of geographical location. These ultimately flexible and purpose-built plans help smart companies positively impact business goals and outcomes.

In this discovery session, Kaleana and Alex will discuss:

– Introduction to LSAs

– The launch anytime and off-cycle benefit of an LSA compared to traditional benefits

– Personalization of an LSA

– Earned Allowance or Incentive-Based Lifestyle Spending Account, LSA Plus

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